The Wigglebrick Intercepts

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This site is a Roman Catholic fiction and commentary blog written in the epistolary style of The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. More »

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WordPress Plugin Credits

See a cool feature you like? Check out these WordPress plugins. Thank you to each of the developers for their contribution to WordPress, and by proxy,

  • Askimet by Automattic
    Essential for battling comment spam.
  • Dofollow by Denis de Bernardy
    Disables the nofollow attribute automatically generated by WordPress for certain outbound links.
  • Customizable Post Listings by Scott Reilly
    Delivers custom post and comment results. Enables logical archive browsing by posts in The Vault. This complements the less useful date archive common in blogs.
  • Feedburner Replacement by Steve Smith
    Forwards feed traffic to Feedburner.
  • Firestats by Omry Yadan
    Integrated web analytics with IP filtering shows referrers, user agents, countries of origin, entry pages and click paths.
  • Landing Sites by The undersigned
    Delivers custom messaging for visitors arriving from search engines. To see it, google “Heaven is Totally Overrated” (with quotes) and click the link back to
  • Polite-ifier by Elliott Back
    Cleans up commenters’ bad language.
  • Search Everything by Dan Cameron
    Extends WordPress search functions to include pages, comments and attachments.
  • Search Meter by Bennett McElwee
    Wordpress search analytics. Learn what visitors are searching for on your site in order to better serve them.
  • Simpletagging by Amaury Balmer
    Post tagging feature with CSS weighted display. Provides the “Related Intercepts” feature and enables browsing by tags. Michael Wöher extended the Jerome’s Keywords plugin, which appears abandoned at v2.0 Beta 3.
  • Spotmilk by Sunghwa Park
    Wordpress admin theme.
  • TFS Acronymit by Dougal Campbell
    Auto highlights self-defined acronyms like WTF and AFAIK for uninterrupted readability. Part of Dougal’s Text Filter Suite.
  • WP Database Backup by Scott Merrill and Austin Matzko
    Essential plugin for scheduled and on-demand WordPress database backups.
  • WP-Email by GaMerZ
    Enables visitors to email posts to friends. Built in security controls and log analytics.
  • WP-Stats by GaMerZ
    Localized stats for posts, comments, authors and plugins.

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  • AddThis by
    Consolidation service for popular social bookmarking and link sharing sites.
  • Feedburner by
    RSS subscription service. Subscribe via
  • Snap Shots by
    Link preview service. Mouseover link icons for previews of external sites.

Script Credits

  • Lightbox by Lokesh Dhakar
    On-page JavaScript pop-up effects. Used to display slideshows and artist credits.
  • Prototype by Sam Stephenson
    JavaScript framework and Ajax library based on an open-source class-driven web application toolkit.
  • Scriptalicious by Thomas Fuchs
    JavaScript libraries for animation, drag-n-drop and Ajax controls.